Thursday, 30 September 2010

Shush.. (day 3 of 365)

Shush.. (day 3 of 365), originally uploaded by CalamityK.
.. don't tell anyone, but I'm freebie hunting again. Lovely store this, can't wait to get back here when I actually have some pocket money. (Shush at )

Dress - *DD* Royal Blue Medieval, free from Donettas Discoveries

I actually have no excuse for using Ubi rather than Calamity, as Calamity was freed the other day less than 20mins after a call to UK Linden Lab support number. Apparently they are closing the UK customer support office, so next time I get stuck, it could be a lot longer than a week :(

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

day 2 of 365: Ubi on the beach.

day 2 of 365: Ubi on the beach., originally uploaded by CalamityK.
I gave up waiting for Calamity to be un-ghosted. I'm continuing on the 365 using Ubiquitous Rain as my model instead. (She is my Official Alt.)

Wearing free top and jeans from some hunt or other, free hair from soneone's giftbox (may add details here after I find them). The jars are free from LL and available at one of their freebie shops, I think at Nautillus.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Can I be excused? :(

I guess I picked a bad day to start my 365.  I'm still ghosted.  I honestly thought someone would have freed me by now.  As it is, my only option is to try to take another shot of me pretending to be a cotton wall puff, or I wait til LL sort my problem out.  I don't have the time to be creative with it either because I'm only home for an hour and won't be back til gone ten tonight. (Why did I decide to do a 2-10 shift after a morning at college? Another particularly bad choice.  Well done me.)

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I'm starting a Second Life 365..

day 1 260910, originally uploaded by CalamityK.
This is day 1, and only picture I can get of myself today. I figure things can't get any worse, if I start of from ghosted. Been that way for a day now, one support ticket from me, one from my partner who is a Premium member, and my theory is that they get attended to faster.

To the right is the house we are living in until I finish the lighthouse on the hill. The tree is one I made, I see similar all over SL selling for loads but of course mine can't match those for that odd cartoon-realism.

You'll notice the Linden trees are yet to rez. They can be like that sometimes.

Right. I'm back.

GET your FEET off my SOFA and clear up those empty cans and bottles, what do you think this place IS?