Monday, 12 May 2008

Scientology = Bad Eggs?

"Well the protest on may 10th went well and we head a great spirit going. Then it started raining eggs in MUNICH! EGGs thrown from accross the street(where scientology was having an information booth.)"

The thread goes on to discuss the possibility that this is a sign of communication breakdown within the cult, which in turn could be another sign of its imminent collapse. Or, that it could simply be one stressed Scientologist feeling his way of life is under threat. Also, egg jokes.

Certainly this behaviour will make it more difficult to insist that they are a peaceful, rational group of people who just want to make the world better. Probably the egg thrower wasn't obeying church orders, but if the Tech is so good at "clearing the reactive mind" how come this guy reacted so strongly? (Needs moar TRs? Pay up sonny.)

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