Sunday, 12 July 2009

Scientology makes you nervous.

On Twitter - all the clam news, freshly baked. The latest: Journalist's discomfort in Museum of Ron, "the landmark location of the first Church of Scientology where writer, explorer and founder L. Ron Hubbard worked from 1957 to 1960 and established a legacy that increasingly influences human rights, religion, literature and education." Not always by socially acceptable (or legal) means.

Edit - I just found another example of Scientology making one's shoulderblades itchy. This time, its a blogger who went for a job interview at Narconon, not knowing it was a Scientology front-group.


  1. The thing that irks me the most about these scientologist fools is their desperation and ambition to avoid and evade all criticism by external parties.

    Their capacity to hide behind intellectual property and copyright law is only surpassed with their application of 'lawyer in a hurry' libel and slander suits.

    Their lack of transparency further compounds the mistrust and disdain of those seeking to attack them.

    Their biggest problem being Tom Cruise. He's a little tit isn't he.

  2. The Cult's response to criticism is driven by L Ron Hubbards instructions to "attack, never defend." If threats and character assasination (including flyering your neighbourhood) don't put you off, its to the courts. Lawsuits are not fought to be won, they just aim to use up the time, money, and energy of their opponents. (Google Paulette Cooper or "Operation Freakout" when you have some time for reading, if you want an idea of the lengths they will go to. Actually "Operation Snow White" is also pretty amazing, if a different asspect of the Cult.)

    The CoS can't be transparent, it is build on secrecy. Members aren't even allowed to talk to other members about their "case" (progress in the courses etc) not even if they are family. Kind of "divide and conquer" of their own members.

    TC is pretty tragic, but I feel feel more for his ex Kidman, their kids are "in" and I believe she has to keep quiet about the cult for that reason. It is possible that Scientology is more worried at the moment about John Travolta since he lost his son to a medical contidion that the Cult doesn't agree exists. Grieving puts you low on the "Tone Scale" too.

    The last film I saw with Tom Cruise in it was War of the Worlds, and I only saw that because I love the story, and couldn't wait to see it told using modern special effects :) Dakota Fanning totally stole that show imo.