Saturday, 2 October 2010

Scientology v. The Internet: the battle continues

"If you imagine 40-50 Scientologists posting on the Internet every few days, we’ll just run the SP’s right off the system. It will be quite simple, actually."
Scientology GO/OSA cultist Elaine Siegel announces attack on the Internet

This isn’t new, but they are still at it, as seen in this recently liberated email concerning methods of mitigating possible damage from Panorama's latest Scientology documentary "The Secrets of Scientology"

(SP = Suppressive Person - anyone critical of Scientology.  Scientology also teaches that SPs are generally intollerant and will seek to destroy anything good in the world. See here - if you dissagree with Scientology, you are antisocial personality and are no better than Hitler.)

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